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Many home owners have concerns with the air quality in their living spaces. Advertisements for "duct cleaning" and "air vent cleaning" catch their attention as services that ought be done as regular upkeep and maintenance. These phrases are misnomers and typically misleading.

The majority of homes in Southern California are ducted with spiral flex duct and older homes have rigid asbestos wrapped ducts neither of which lend themselves to any significant internal cleaning with brushes, air hoses or chimney cleaning tools. They would be ripped and damaged in the process. Instead, consider partial and complete duct replacement and thorough HVAC equipment cleaning maintenance and protection.

The way to "clean" residential duct work and vents is to protect them with filtration equipment before the air passes through them. Properly filtered, duct work will last the life of the equipment. The level of air quality purity will be determined by the style of the filtration system. Call us at 562-595-1448.

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