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Juanita Smith trusts Dial ONE Schilling for her Heating & Air Conditioning. A Long Beach home owner for more than 5 decades gets a new minisplit heating and air conditioning system for her home on Harco Street 90808

Minisplit Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

LG Model

Minisplit air conditioning and heating systems improve the quality of life for many families and individuals. For years families have tried to beat the heat at a low cost with programmable thermostats, clean air filters, insulation, energy efficient windows and window treatments, natural ventilation, fans, and air conditioners. Room air conditioners were often installed in windows throughout the house, and as the family economy improved, central heat and air conditioning units were installed – or the family moved into a home that already had central heat and air conditioning and they did not need to install duct work to support the distribution of conditioned air. And, no matter how well designed, central heat and air systems left hot or cold spots.

Mike Mapes and Joe Stefano

Today low cost energy efficient ductless mini-split air conditioners have arrived. They are quiet and efficient and do not require air ducts to distribute the conditioned air. In addition to heating and cooling the air, they dehumidify it. Many find themselves comfortable at a higher temperature due to the de- humidification. Mini-split systems condition the air in zones of the home independently making it possible to have the right temperature in each zone depending on the preferences of the individuals in the home, by time of day or season.

Mr Cool model

Families who live in apartments and condominiums find mini-split air conditioners an effective and low cost alternative to central heat and air systems. In addition, families who live in homes near the beach may only need heating or air conditioning several weeks each season and may prefer a minisplitsplit-split system simply because it relatively inexpensive, unobtrusive and effective.

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