Bidet Toilet Installation

All In One Bidet Toilet Installation

Bidet toilets improve hygiene, reduce long-term cost, and are especially useful to those with limited mobility. We specialize in all in one bidet toilet installation and bidet toilet seat installation. Read on to learn more about bidet toilets, smart toilets, and bidet toilet seats.

Bidets come in several forms, and depending on your requirements, will vary in price from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars. Smart toilets are top-of-the line appliances which boast multiple water stream options, a warm air dryer, self-cleaning features, heated seats, auto opening/closing lids, a deodorizer, lights, and more. Although these features come with a higher price, they can be a godsend for those with mobility and health issues.

Not everyone needs or wants the additional features available with smart toilets, so there are bidet toilets that include an integrated bidet and typically a warm air dryer, but less premium features. It is a lower-cost option that will do an excellent job of keeping a person’s rear clean and dry. OVE SAGA Smart Toilet - Promotional video provided by OVE DECORS.

Bidet Toilet Seat Installation

For those who still want the features of a bidet but are on a limited budget, bidet toilet seats which attach to your current toilet are also an option. They can use water from the line going to your toilet, or hook up to your hot water line, which is a must-have for many of us. Many bidet toilet seats have a dryer, which is important for people considering a bidet for mobility and health reasons, as this eliminates the need to turn, twist and wipe. Video courtesy of Brondell.

Overall, bidets are less-wasteful, more hygienic, and can restore independence to your life or the life of a loved one. They are also much better for the environment. The average American family uses about 500 rolls of toilet paper per year, and since bidet toilets can reduce the need for toilet paper by 75% or more, this means that you may save money on toilet paper and reduce waste and paper consumption whiling improving your quality of life.

Whether you are interested in helping the environment and improving your hygiene, or you or a loved one suffers from reduced mobility, you should call Dial ONE Schilling today to learn more about our bidet toilet features and installation options.

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