HVAC Maintenance Contract

HVAC Maintenance Contracts

Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning offers scheduled HVAC maintenance contracts which are an essential part of a home maintenance program. Manufacturers of HVAC equipment recommend systems be checked at least twice a year for cleanliness, performance, and safety related issues. A Dial ONE Schilling maintenance contract does that and more, relieving our customers of tracking and completing these inspections on their own.

Homeowners can rely on us to notify them when their units should be serviced and cleaned. Once scheduled, Dial ONE Schilling will perform a professional inspection and cleaning, filter change, and safety check. Any needed repairs are brought to the customers attention and can be completed at that time at a discounted price. Routine items like filter changes, pilot cleaning, flame sensor maintenance, vent switch cleaning, checking for safe combustion and other safety issues are always included. This is why our customers are happy to have Dial ONE Schilling on "retainer."

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